As part of my online training in John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success John has recommended that I should visit at least 10 other member’s Blogs mainly to get ideas and to see how they have gone about things.  He said to leave comments and not just to say that they are ‘good’ but to expand on what I think.  Hopefully, you will do the same for me.

The first one I looked at was Daniel Hanscom’s Blog  I think it has a very pleasing appearance and one particular item he mentioned was the benefit of adding your signature to your blog post and how to go about it.

Daniel did mention the ads which are present but not to be put off by them, they are not obtrusive and hey, they’ve got to pay the bills somehow, right?  I was able to access the site and get my signature sorted out in a few minutes.  No doubt this is familiar to some but it was new to me and I was grateful for the mention by Daniel.

The signature can be either your first name or both first name and surname.  There is a choice of fonts, size, colours and even the angle of the print. I decided just to go with my full name and here goes:


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    • Kev Spence

      I have really enjoyed this post, especially with the signature. I have just spent the last ten minutes updating all my posts with it.
      By the way the answer to your question about the flashing signature is that you need to choose either static download or animated download 🙂

      Best Regards,

      Kev Spence

    • Kev Spence

      Hi again,

      I am trying to find how to connect with you on your blog, unless I am missing something I can’t find it anywhere?


      • admin

        Hi Kev,

        Many thanks for those comments especially where there was nowhere to connect with me. I have gone back through my training notes and have redone Week 3 Videos 6 and 7 and have now got a place for people to make contact. Strangely the videos seem unfamiliar to me as though they have been changed in the last few weeks, but maybe it’s just me. Really do appreciate your help. Now back to trying to finish week 8. Have you had any interest in the Report yet?

        Thanks again, Kev,


        • Kev Spence

          Hi Stuart,

          I am glad I was able to help and point out to you that there wasn’t a place for people to connect with you, It would be worrying to think you would not get anyone subscribing to your blog updates.
          I have not really checked on the interest of the report i know i should be keeping an eye on it, however I have been concentrating on other P2S members blogs, to try and connect with them a little and build some contacts as such. Anyway please check your facebook messages i have sent you 🙂



    • Don

      It’s always nice to see people helping one another. Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough of that going on in the business community. I believe that even in business we get what we give. That was why I enjoyed reading the gogiver so much. It struck a chord with my personal philosophy of life.

      Nice post.

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