Before you sit down to write your post make sure you have done your homework and have everything to hand before you touch a key.

The first thing you must decide on is the title of the post, make it short and catchy.

Make sure the content is unique, this is essential for successful blogging.  Definitely, don’t be tempted to copy and paste.  Ideally, write about something you know and care about which will help you to write with conviction.

Thoroughly research any particular points to make sure your comments are correct and anything which could be described as sensitive should be backed up with authoritative evidence.

Don’t use words you don’t know the meaning of (or the spelling of) obvious maybe but think of posts you may have read that have missed the obvious.

Keep your posts simple and brief, the reader wants a quick read, not a novel!

Use pictures to illustrate, remember ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ well maybe not as much as that when you are using word count but invaluable anyway.

Be specific, don’t ramble on for the sake of it.

When you have finished read it through several times and ideally put it to one side for 24 hours then re-read it finally before pressing ‘Update’.  Also ask someone else to read it through and tell them to be quite critical about content, spelling and grammar.

Produce and publish posts regularly with fresh and original comments and ideally a minimum of one post per week/10 days.


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    • Karl G Olson

      Much great advice collected in a short and readable article. Just like it should be. And 100% unique according to Copyscape. Hope to read more from you.
      Karl G

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