This post is simply to illustrate how straightforward  it is to add a video to a blog.  It is from Week 4 of John Thornhill’s Partner to Success Training.  The following is a tick list of the procedure:

□ Go to the Post and place the cursor where the video is required

□ Go to required video and click on Share

□ Embed

□ Copy code (Ctrl C)

Go Back to Post & check the position of the cursor

□ Select “Add Element”

□  Search for element – insert “Video”

□  “Video Player”

□ Select: Embed

□  Insert code (Ctrl V)

□ Set size eg 460  x  259

□ Insert

□ Update

□ Preview


This song  was composed by Selma Mariudottir who is also a pupil of John Thornhill’s and her blog can be found at: – 


This video is of my son Alastair who has his own band ‘Ginger Brown’




27 April 2018

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