How confident are you with your spelling, grammar and punctuation?  Possibly these are things that don’t bother you but if you are a fast typist it’s easy to make a few typos or even if you are a slow careful typist mistakes can happen. By using Grammarly these irritating mistakes can be taken care of plus a few that you may not have noticed.

Writing that is poorly punctuated and contains grammatical errors is difficult to read and sometimes impossible to understand.

Free and quick to start, Grammarly immediately alerts you to mistakes and the rectification needed to correct them.

  • Using Grammarly ensures that your messages, documents and social media posts are clear, mistake-free and effective.
  • It will help you write clearly and with confidence.
  • It will point out punctuation issues and poor sentence structure.
  • It will help to improve your grammar just like an English language teacher!
  • It’s a great tool especially if your mother language is not English.
  • Good design starts with good copy.
  • Have a look HERE

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    • Nancy Cleary

      Great post, Stuart! I use Grammarly on a daily basis and it really saves a lot of time. I am actually using it right now to write this post so it can check my mistakes. Not sure how many errors there would be on my blog, word documents and emails. The coolest thing about is that once you get the app for Chrome, it covers everything you are writing.

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